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MGP Travel Cruises

Haven’t you always wanted to escape to a beautiful tropical paradise? Take to the warm Southern seas on an all-inclusive cruise. These tropical getaways will tempt you with an irresistible assortment of pleasures – great beaches, warm sunshine, gorgeous swimming pools, fine dining of your choice, plenty of activities, and superior service. Leave the real world behind, explore your options, savor the variety, and start chasing your dreams in the beautiful tropics!

It’s twilight on the islands. The setting sun reflects off the ocean in a blaze of orange and scarlet. The sound of steel drums echoes through cobblestone streets. On a sparkling beach, palm fronds whisper in the silken breeze. Snorkel over gardens of swaying sea fans and colorful coral. Sway in your hammock and survey your kingdom on a private island. Bliss! The day’s been spent in the best possible way – strolling on velvety sands, wandering through an emerald rain forest and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters.

It’s a unique feeling being under sail, isn’t it? It’s quiet; you are connected to the ancient power of the wind (micro-managed here by sensors in the ship’s computerized bridge.) Today we saw dolphins leaping alongside; first a streak of white underwater and then two, three, four dolphins leaped by us!